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Welcome to my brand new Watercolours Revealed Series online art tutorials filmed in my studio-gallery in South West Scotland and brought about due to the end of my venue based art classes and workshops due to Covid-19 Pandemic.   I get great delight in sharing my painting skills and knowledge with others gained over decades of experience creating paintings.

In my on line art tutorials I give a step by step guide to theory and techniques of watercolour painting through giving painting demonstration of a chosen scene/study, so as you can have a go to creating your own paintings. My art tutorials videos are easy to follow, so that you can watch, paint along or play back in your own time to enjoy and create your own artwork.

My Watercolour Revealed Series will be updated with new art tutorials regularly, so do pop back or make a request to be added to my mailing list for new releases.

Join me for the full length version of Sunset Over Salmon Fishing Nets Painting Demonstration/workshop using 3 colours from my studio-gallery in South West Scotland.

Scene location is at Carsluith, Wigtown Bay, Galloway, South West Scotland. I will cover materials and equipment, mixing colours, watercolour drying time, give a step by step guide from start to finish and other tips and advice during the session.

To find out more details on the full length art tutorial video version around 1 hr 17mins 18 seconds of this scene send me an email or buy below. On receiving your order the art tutorial video and information will be sent out to your email address.

Step by step guide using water, sponge cloth, brown gummed tape, kitchen roll tissue and plastic tray. Materials and equipment needed; Water, Watercolour Paper, Kitchen Tissue Roll, Drawing Board, 2” (50mm) Brown Gummed Tape, Sponge Cloth andPlastic Tray



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