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Your Own Custom Yacht Watercolour Painting

Embarking on a Nautical Artistic Journey with Allan J. McNally.


Imagine the gentle sway of the ocean, the salty breeze, and the serene horizon stretching out to infinity. Now, picture capturing that ephemeral beauty and the essence of the sea in a piece of art that is uniquely yours. This is the experience offered by Allan J. McNally, a Scottish artist whose mastery in painting yachts and seascapes can transform your maritime memories into a timeless treasure.


Allan is not just an artist; he is a storyteller who uses his brush to narrate tales of the sea. Based in his studio-gallery in the picturesque Southwest of Scotland, McNally’s work is a celebration of Scottish heritage, the rugged coastline, and the vessels that grace its waters. His paintings are more than just images; they are personal stories woven into the artwork, reflecting the individuality of each client and their connection to the sea.


Commissioning a custom yacht painting from Allan is a voyage in itself. It begins with a conversation, a sharing of stories and visions. Allan listens intently, his artist’s intuition tuned to the wavelengths of his client’s imagination. Then, the magic begins. With each stroke of his brush, the artist brings to life the client’s vision, infusing it with his distinctive style.


Clients of Allan often speak of the profound impact his paintings have on their lives. A commissioned piece is not merely a depiction of a yacht but a portal to a cherished moment, a particular spot on the coast, or a dream long-held. It’s a visual symphony where the colours of the sky, the texture of the water, and the elegance of the yacht converge into a harmonious composition.


The process of creating these custom paintings is a testament to McNally’s commitment to excellence. He ventures out to find the perfect scene, capturing the right light and atmosphere to reflect the spirit of the subject. The result is a painting that is not just seen but felt, a artwork that resonates with the heartbeats of the ocean and the whispers of the sea breeze.


For those who have had the pleasure of visiting McNally’s studio-gallery, it is an experience that extends beyond viewing art. It is an invitation to step into a world where every painting tells a story, and every visitor leaves with a sense of connection to his art.


To own a piece of Allan’s art is to hold a memento of the sea’s timeless allure. It is an heirloom that will be cherished for generations, a constant reminder of the beauty that lies in the depths of the waters and the talent of an artist who can bring that beauty to the surface.


To begin your own custom yacht painting journey with Allan J. McNally, visit his official website and dip into the Yacht & Boats Gallery, explore the current and recent exhibitions, and read more about McNally’s passion for finding unusual subjects to paint in unexpected places. Let the adventure begin, and anchor your memories with a masterpiece that sails beyond the ordinary.


How does it work?

Please send a clear photograph(s) of your yacht or boat, and the approximate size painting you wish to have painted.

I offer two standard artwork image sizes 15” x 22” or 22” x 30”.  However, I’m happy to paint any larger size you wish.

Let me know of any specific requirements you may have (such as background landmarks, people to include on the yacht and main colours)  to make sure your vision is perfectly captured.  Once, I have that information then I will get back to you with a quote for the painting.

I request a 50% deposit payment to start, so that I can go ahead and prepare sketch(s), colour palette. The remaining balance will be due upon completion of painting, once you’ve had the chance to approve a photograph and a video of the finished artwork. 

Throughout the creative process, I can keep you informed by providing regular photo updates, or if you prefer    you can wait to see the finished painting. 

I then have the painting shipped to you. To ensure that your original artwork reach you in good condition it will be carefully wrapped in acid free tissue paper and protected by a cardboard postal tube or flat packaging and posted via Royal Mail Parcel Force Special Delivery

Depending on the level of detail required for your unique artwork, please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for completion of painting.

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