Summer School’s Out Packs

Summer School's Out Painting Pack 2023

Why I sponsor Painting Packs

As a professional artist, I have always been passionate about sharing my love for painting with others, especially children. That’s why I decided to sponsor this year’s Summer School’s Out Painting Packs for children from my local community. These packs contain everything a child needs to create their own masterpiece: brushes, paints, pencil, and sketching and watercolour paper.

I believe that painting is not only a fun and creative activity, but also a powerful tool for self-expression, learning, and healing. Painting can help children develop their imagination, confidence, and skills, as well as cope with stress, trauma, and boredom. Painting can also nurture a sense of community and belonging, as children can share their work with their family and friends, or even exhibit them in public exhibition.

My inspiration for sponsoring these packs comes from my own personal experience. When I was a child growing up in Galloway, I was painfully shy and introverted, struggled with social anxiety and low self-esteem.  


However, everything changed when I met my art teachers first in primary school and later in Secondary School.  They saw art talent in me that others did not see. 

 Through their encouragement, I explored different mediums and styles of painting.  They praised my work and gave me constructive feedback and they made me feel valued and appreciated.  They definitely ignited a spark in me that led me to pursue my dream of becoming an artist.

I want to give back to the community of SW Scotland that nurtured me and supported me throughout my journey. I want to inspire the next generation of artists and creatives. I want to make a difference in the lives of children from rural areas who may not have access to art supplies or opportunities. That’s why I sponsor Summer School’s Out Painting Packs for children from my local community near my studio-gallery.

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